3 Reasons You May Need to Modify Existing Child Custody Arrangements

Things change. No matter how well it worked in the beginning, there may come a time when you need mo child support modification. This may be needed to either protect your child or improve current relations between two parents.

Here are just three of the most common reasons people seek a modification to their current child custody arrangements.

1: Other Parent Wishes to Relocate Out of State

If one parent wish to relocate out of the state, a modification to custody will be needed. If you are agreeable to this move, a new order will need to be created which allows you the same amount of time you currently spend with your child – just in a different schedule. If you are not agreeable, a modification is needed to deny the other parents move.

2: Other Parent Places Child in Unsafe Situations

If the other parent places your child in unsafe situations, a modification which grants you sole custody until they get their act together is necessary. Unsafe situations include:

·    exposure to drugs or alcohol

·    leaving children unattended at home or in vehicles

·    child is being mentally, physically, or sexually abused by other parent or anyone else in the home

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·    child is neglected, or the other parent does not keep a close watch on the child based on their age

·    other parent takes child to inappropriate places, such as the bar, unsafe parts of town, the casino, etc.

3: Co-Parenting Is No Longer A Viable Option

Sometimes two well meaning people find themselves in a situation where they can no longer see eye to eye. When this occurs, co-parenting (also known as joint custody) may not be a viable option any longer. A modification, with details on who will have sole custody and who receives visitation rights, will be needed.